Danielle Monique

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Danielle Monique is a trained, certified and licensed Massage Therapist working with One to One Wellness in bringing a unique, integrated approach to body work.  Her intuitive approach focuses on identifying sources of postural imbalance and chronic pain, and her therapy specializes in initiating healthy change in her clients at both physical and emotional levels.

Danielle grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota where her athletic abilities became first apparent in soccer and track/field (200m & hurdles).  She attended the University of Idaho and earned a double Bachelors of Arts in History and American Studies, with a double Associate of Arts in Anthropology and Native-American Studies—studying with Elders of Nez Perce Tribe to satisfy her foreign language requirements.

A graduate from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver, Danielle gained the experience given to training practitioners in the professional application of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular-Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Therapy and Reflexotherapy.  Her interests in health and wellness span nearly the entire spectrum of conventional and alternative choices, and is trained in Ashtanga & Anusara Yoga and completed the Living Ayurvedic course—elements of which she employs within her body work.  Danielle brings this beautiful philosophy to the Tetons and to her clients at One to One Wellness.photo(9)

Having chosen the Tetons as both her home and the ideal place for her practice, Danielle has worked on a variety of elite/professional athletes in the Rockies: hockey and rugby players, triathletes, nordic & alpine skiers, and mountain/road cyclists. And she’s equally comfortable working with weekend-warriors and other active clients who find that the Teton outdoor lifestyle provides the occasional physical challenge or limitation.  All of her clients benefit from deep-tissue work designed to identify and correct sources of injury or limited motion.

photo(8)Danielle’s personal interests reflect her passion for movement, health and wellness.  In the summer she’s an active hiker and mountain/road cyclist which she mixes up with the occasional frisbee golf games and running.  During the winter it’s skate and alpine skiing, crossfit & core training, and lap swimming at the rec center. Danielle lives in Alta, Wyoming and spends much of her time in Jackson Hole.

My goal is to assist active clients in finding the postural and lifestyle-created imbalances in the body so that they can move more freely and pain-free.  As I work with each of my clients, I question them to explore the hidden sources of stress: in what ways do they stand, sit, or move that might be creating limitation? All of this gives me the information necessary to help set up my clients for complete wellness.  

IMG_1628(1)The bodywork I do is an integrated approach of modalities: Swedish, to warm and flush toxins from their tissues; Deep Tissue, to eliminate areas of fascial adhesion and muscular contracture; Neuromuscular Therapy, to re-establish the balance between the muscular and nervous systems by finding and eliminating pain-generating trigger points; and Myofascial Therapy, which works to re-establish balance in connective tissue.   

Massage Therapy is one of the foundational aspects of body work, reflecting the philosophy of “total wellness” supported by One to One Wellness. Being active in the Tetons naturally creates stresses and structural imbalances in our bodies.  The goal of my body work is to keep each and every client comfortably and enjoyably doing what they love to do—whether it’s fly fishing, skiing, running, biking, playing hockey, doing Crossfit, or taking the dog for a romp in the forest.                   

–Danielle Monique