Meet Brooks Woodfin

One to One Wellness welcomes Brooks Woodfin! He is the newest addition to the team and brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to the Jackson Hole athlete. Come in and visit with Brooks or join up for his Wednesday 6pm Sports Specific Training Class starting August 15th…the first class is FREE!!

Brooks Woodfin is a graduate of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Business Management. Brooks has returned to his home in Jackson, Wyoming after pursuing his education in Bozeman followed by a one-year exchange program at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains provided Brooks with a well-rounded and active lifestyle. Brooks is passionate about the great outdoors and is an avid fisherman, rafter, mountain biker, climber, hunter, skier, snowmobiler, and enjoys everything he does with a full-throttle zest for life.

In Bozeman, he pursued forging elite fitness and became a CrossFit client. He has 6 years experience of Olympic Weightlifting (traditional and competitive lifting) and obtained his CrossFit Certification Level I while in Charleston, SC. Soon thereafter, Brooks began training clients at LowCountry CrossFit and returned to Jackson Hole in June 2012 to pursue a training career with One to One Wellness.

“I can strengthen the Jackson Hole athlete. I understand the mentality of the 2 to 4 sports that come with each season. It’s my goal to provide specific training to build individuals into a well-rounded lifestyle athlete and keep them in a high performance state year-round.”

In addition to Brooks’ personal training, he plans to build a unique community interested in Sports Specific Training and incorporate small groups to develop speed and power. Brooks is also experienced with Active Isolated Stretching techniques and is excited to contribute his talents to the One to One Wellness team.

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