One to One Wellness offers the most authentic experience in personal training the Jackson Hole Valley has to offer! Since 1998, the One to One Wellness Team has been committed to helping people recapture their health and reinvent what is possible for themselves. Our new facility provides an intimate and engaging atmosphere where clients will be working with a highly qualified team. These valuable trainers genuinely care about your health and your overall wellness success. First-time clients are asked to formulate a set of goals and determine a vision for achievement at One to One Wellness. A personalized program is then created just for you that focuses on your individual needs and goals to ensure your success.

Your commitment to make a change in your overall health and well-being requires a careful decision as to the people you choose to support you in your new lifestyle. One to One Wellness is here to support you! We are committed to seeing you succeed and we have the resources to help you reach your goals. We hope you decide to join the family of One to One Wellness, and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

Functional Personal Training – $85 per hour session
($80 per session with advance 10-session purchases)
Recapture strength, relieve pain or take your performance to the next level.
Individualized with a trainer focusing on your personal needs through
functional core movements and strength training.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) – $85 per hour session

The AIS method of stretching incorporates active and painless movement of the muscles,
which will facilitate a sustained increase in flexibility.

Reduce the risk of injury, muscle strain and tear.
Break down adhesions that may result from trauma or inflammation.
Improve athletic performance and specific sport performance.

House Calls / Personal Training – $150 per hour session

Health / Fitness Assessment – $150 per assessment

VO2 & RMR Metabolic Testing – $250 for combined testing (plan on 3 hours)
Assess fat-burning rate for ultimate exercise results and learn your daily caloric need.
Learn your exact fat burning zone to maximize workouts and meet your individual goals.
Find out just how many calories you should be consuming daily.

ChiRunning –
$85 per hour session & $150 for 2 hour introduction session
Safe, Efficient, Injury-Free Running
Learn how to run with proper form and reduce risk of injury and pain will running.

Nutritional Coaching – $85 per hour session

$300 Monthly Nutrition Consultation (5 sessions)
Be proactive with your health; take the time now to learn how to properly nourish your body. We offer a variety of services.
Learn about our own metabolism and what you can do to make it more efficient. Clean up your diet and change your eating habits for better overall health. Go grocery shopping (the gift that keeps on giving) and learn what is nutritious and what you need to avoid in the market. Learn about labeling and the importance of knowing what is in the foods that you are consuming. Learn how to calculate and manage your daily caloric intake.