Scott “Smitty” Smith

Scott Smitty Smith ChirunningScott “Smitty” Smith opened One to One Wellness in 1998. He is the heart and soul behind One to One Wellness and created this authentic business with the sole purpose and mission to help people recapture their health and reinvent what is possible for them. Smitty uses his expertise and 25+ years of experience to create real opportunities and tools for people to bring wellness into their life in a balanced way.

Before starting his own business in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Smitty ran a profitable corporate wellness business in Michigan. He also spent summer months as a firefighter and a pilot. And in winter months trained clients in Key West, Florida including writer Judy Blume and Jeff McNally, the creator of the Shoe comic strip.

Smitty has been a recreational athlete his entire life, participating in a variety of sports including the winter biathlon, triathlon, marathon running and college rugby for Michigan State University. He also participates in local challenges including the Jackson Hole Pole, Pedal, Paddle and the Outer Local Summer Games.

In 2000, Smitty introduced a very progressive flexibility technique called AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) to the Jackson Hole area. Smitty and many of the 121 Wellness trainers participated in clinics sponsored by Aaron Mattes, founder of the AIS philosophy. By quickly restoring optimal flexibility for people he is able to relieve pain for some, yet the same technique can help athletes seeking performance and recovery improvements. Smitty has truly mastered the art of AIS and has helped so many people decrease lower back pain and increase their overall flexibility level. Increased flexibility helps not only in our day-to-day tasks as well as in sports-specific activities.

Today, Smitty focuses on coaching clients, corporate wellness and flexibility training. He is also a certified ChiRunning instructor and teaches this unique form of running in clinics in Jackson Hole and around the country. The form of running combines the grace, balance and focus of T’ai chi and the power and energy of running.

As an avid runner and former competitive marathon participant, Smitty is passionate in sharing his love for the sport. He inspires runners, and through a comprehensive gait analysis casual and serious runners will greatly benefit. With the aid of video cameras from all angles, you will come to understand how the perfect stride can lead to more efficient running, yielding better running times and overall speed. Smitty also spends time at the track with runners, working on timed drills and speed training. If you’re ready to improve your running, then this is the right path for you.

Smitty is connected on so many levels within the community of Jackson Hole. A business member of the Chamber of Commerce, sitting on several boards throughout the years in the valley, sharing information with health and wellness colleagues in the valley and beyond, all while keeping a pulse on the new ideas and ever-evolving wellness industry. He has been a source of inspiration to his trainers, his clients and for all those that know him throughout the years and for those just meeting him today.

Smitty is a loving husband and a father to two beautiful children. When not at 121 Wellness you can find Smitty up on Jackson Lake enjoying some boat time with friends and family, possibly in the blue skis flying his single engine airplane, or competing on the rugby field. His zest for life is a true testament to be the best you can be.