Winter is near…Are You READY?

The leaves are peaking in vibrant yellows, oranges and reds while Mother Nature makes the transformation through the season. Winter is feeling closer and closer everyday. And one must wonder–how big a winter will it be? Well, one thing’s for certain…there will be white beautiful flurries falling from the sky very soon to give us the powder that our souls long for.
The real question is…Are You Ready?

Those legs need some serious preparation for the fun turns that they will surely make in months to come. Now is the time to do something about it! One to One Wellness has a great program that is perfect for all abilities and desires, and is ready for you to join in!

Ask yourself:
Do you want to be more fit, faster, and have more integrated functional strength in your life?
Do you want to see real changes in your body, sleep deeper, feel happier, while having fun?
If yes, then join One to One Wellness’ Small-Group Training Sessions at a GREAT Price!
Drop-ins are WELCOME!

Check out the schedule below or open this PDF File and print it out: 121 Group Schedule.

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