ChiRunning Clinic – Tuesday, June 5th (5pm-8pm)

Are you new to running, or do you simply want to improve your overall running experience? Are you intrigued by the barefoot trend, or do you just want to run easily and injury free?

Join Scott “Smitty” Smith this Tuesday for a 3-hour ChiRunning Clinic. This life changing running clinic is offered to the public and also to those participating in the 16-Week Marathon Training Program–which begins this Thursday. Scott “Smitty” Smith will share his passion for running and the ChiRunning model to better your form and technique–which will enable you to be more efficient in your running and pain free. Beginners and experience athletes find that ChiRunning not only helps improve technique but also helps to develop a strong body-mind connection, develop great posture, strengthen core muscles and improve balance.

Check out the details right here and give us a call to reserve your spot!

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